A £350k investment

Project requirements

  • Key Issues: The Academy suffered from a lack of green play space next to the Academy playground.  The sports fields are located on land accessible via a path and therefore not well located.  The early years provision needed renovation but also toilets and improved connectivity to external spaces and the canteen.
  • Project Value: £125k refurbishment and 225k land acquisition, demolition and ground preparation.
  • Delivery: 3 month programme completed Aug 20
  • Architect: Barkers Associates
  • Contractor: EE Green (Demolition), Evolution Building Services (Refurbishment)

Opportunities and benefits

  • The Academy was adjoining a derelict building.  The trust applied to the ESFA to receive consent to purchase and demolish the building and regrade the land for playing field.
  • Improvements were made to early years classrooms to access external spaces directly and create an external decking area with ramp access.
  • Dedicated toilet provisions were installed for the early years with connectivity to the outside and the canteen space.
  • Educational signage are to be installed to external fences to enhance the provision around the green space

Before & After Photos

Additional land and early years rooms project

Academy Statement

Previously, there was no green space and the playground is too small to hold the number of children we have at any given time.

This new space allows for free play, learning from the fence signage, increased PE and Sport provision, more conducive to wellbeing and positive mental health, a calming space for our significant number of SEND pupils and SRB, valuable muster and assembly area, and outdoor gatherings space.

This has been significantly valuable at time when social distancing is a requirement.

Additional land and early years rooms