Government outlines plans to help cut energy bills for businesses

Support for households, businesses and public sector organisations were unveiled by the government on 21September 2022.

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Through a new government Energy Bill Relief Scheme, the government will provide a discount on wholesale gas and electricity prices for all non-domestic customers (including all UK businesses, the voluntary sector like charities and the public sector such as schools and hospitals) whose current gas and electricity prices have been significantly inflated in light of global energy prices. This support will be equivalent to the Energy Price Guarantee put in place for households.

On the day of the announcement, The Trust Network responded quickly to this news by inviting energy specialist consultants Ginger Energy to present a lunchtime webinar to TTN members, outlining what the support package will mean for the school sector. Ginger Energy had already been scheduled to provide a session on ‘how to understand your school energy bills’, but quickly pulled together an alternative presentation in light of the new announcement from government. Over 120 TTN members registered to attend to hear an overview of the key points of the scheme such as:

  • What is the scheme
  • Who is covered?
  • What elements will see a reduction (overview of the components of an energy price)
  • What is the impact for fixed contracts, flexible contracts and those out of contract
  • How the scheme will be delivered

All TTN members can view the webinar and the presentation slides via Energy Support Scheme (Ginger Energy). Password is required for this exclusive content.

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Schools to get 6-month energy support under new government scheme