On 29th November a number of TTN members volunteered to participate in a pilot session of our new ‘Ask an Expert’ Discussion forum via Microsoft Teams.

Ask an expert session

Jonathan Coyles from EO Consulting took questions from members on the topic of ‘How to turn a Survey into a Detailed Forward Plan’.

A total of 12 questions were posted during the 1 hour session, and Jonathan was typing furiously to ensure that all questions were answered! He kindly offered some follow up information to those that required a little more in-depth information.

We’ve included some examples of the discussions below. Soon we will be inviting all registered TTN members to our Teams site so that everyone will have free access to join future sessions, which we will be hosting in the new year.


We’ve included an example below of the kinds of discussions which took place during the pilot session…

TTN Members Take Part in Pilot Session of New ‘Ask an Expert’ Forum