Director of Estates at Brooke Weston Trust

The Trust Network Coordinator

  • Matt worked for 13 years as a teacher before taking up employment with Brooke Weston Trust in 2008
  • Working alongside multiple agencies, Matt takes on a range of duties for both Brooke Weston Trust and other Trusts;
    • ‘Clients’ Agent’ during the pre-construction design and construction phases of new education accommodation
    • Project Director for the strategic deployment of the School Condition Allocation fund for the refurbishment of the Trust estate
    • Project Lead for the conversion of schools to become Academies within the Brooke Weston Trust & the delivery management of Free Schools
  • Using the experience gained over 10 years working in the Education Estates sector Matt has delivered a number of multi-million pound new build schemes, extensive refurbishment projects, compliance audits and has provided strategic guidance to the Estates teams across the Brooke Weston Trust
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